In order to continue to share his work through The Soul Collective, Michael now offers a number of online services (via Skype or Zoom) and private sessions at his Crows Nest office.

Please note; when doing this work he always requests for the energies to be highest alignment for all concerned and that this divine work is fully protected within the higher realms.

One on One Remote Healing Sessions

Light Language and DNA Activation.

Your focus for the one on one session may include: 

  • Connecting you with your Soul purpose and Soul gifts through Light Language;

  • Channeled guidance and energetic readings;

  • Multidimensional quantum healing;

  • Working with specific emotional patterns;

  • Spiritual guidance;

  • Ascension support;

  • Karmic and past life clearing;

  • Accessing your higher self-wisdom.

$120 - 30 min (approx USD 85)
$220 - 1 hour (approx USD 155)


Chakra Balancing

Light Language sound healing transmissions for the physical body chakra system 1-7. This is the Base Chakra to the Crown Chakra, including the clearing and alignment within your central channel for your highest soul potential at this time.

In these sessions we are working especially with your needs in relation to each particular chakra.

Your focus for the one on one session may include: 

  • Base – safety issues and trust

  • Sacral – sexuality, self-worth and creative flow

  • Solar plexus – fear, anxiety and empowerment

  • Heart – self-love and healing

  • Throat – speaking your Souls truth

  • Third Eye – seeing with fresh eyes, perception shift and multidimensional access realigning pineal gland

  • Crown – connecting to Source

$120 - 30 min (approx USD 85)

Activation of your Galactic Lightbody Template

Your focus for the one on one session may include: 

  • Chakra 8 - Connect with spirit guides and angelic realms, Activates spiritual gifts, energy centre for divine love.

  • Chakra 9 - Connect with Soul Blue Print, Past life spiritual gifts and clear karmic tendencies.

  • Chakra 10 - Connect with the Christ Consciousness, divine creativity and 5D frequency.

  • Chakra 11 - Connect consciously with your Soul Purpose and advanced spiritual gifts

  • Chakra 12 - The location of your I Am presence and your Source connection to the cosmos

In this healing we work with alignment clearing and the activation of the 5 astral chakras about head as well as the 7 Chakras of the physical body.

AUD $220 - 1 hour


Somatic Psychotherapy and Intuitive Counselling

Somatic psychotherapy works to encourage your body and your mind to transform and connect. The techniques involve verbal engagement and biodynamic massage (by mutual agreement).

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