Michael Muir

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Michael is a transformational healer, teacher, somatic psychotherapist, astral shaman and Light Language channel for the Galactic Federation of Light.

What is A Transformational Healer?

His role is to bring through energy from many different realms. After a trip to Ayers Rock, Uluru in 2013 he began to strongly connect with the Pleiadean energy, a galactic race of beings that first visited the Earth 200,000 years ago and helped to seed a new human template within the human DNA.
Combining their own DNA with human DNA, a new human template was to lie dormant within the DNA template of humans until the Earth reached a higher frequency moving from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension.

At the time this DNA is awakening and the remembrance of our origins as starseeds (we came from the stars to support a shift in frequency of the planet) and our missions are coming online and into our conscious awareness.

As an Astral Shaman much of his work is to awaken others to their Soul’s origins and divine purpose, supporting their individual evolution and the upliftment of the collective consciousness grounding in the New Earth frequencies.

By working with the Lightbody, astral chakras 8-12 about the crown and energetically linking clients to astrological alignments and portals linking and transporting them the higher realms.
The Pleiadian Collective (multiple energies) he channels guidance both in English and in Light Language for DNA activation of your Soul Codes and new human Galactic template.

The Pleiadian Collective is part of a bigger 12 star “Council of Light” a collective of 12 different galactic energy races. This is the “Galactic Federation of Light” who are supporting the shift and awakening of the human race, activating the 12 strand DNA template of the human. (Chakras 1-12)

Michael works directly with this collective of energies to provide clients with DNA codes and keys for their personal Lightbody activation. Targeting the body at a cellular level to bring the grounded embodiment of the higher realms into the NOW moment.

With a background in science, medical microbiology and more than a decade working in transplant immunology, Michael has always had an interest in the cellular functioning of the body even before he started his spiritual journey.

That journey began in 1997, while Michael was attending a personal development workshop, which included a bodywork component. This was the catalyst, which lead him into his 4-year diploma in Somatic Psychotherapy.

These studies and knowledge supported him to ground into his body, work through past trauma held and truly recognise the importance of the body/mind connection.

During the Somatic training he also studied with Tibetan Buddhist teachers in Australia and Nepal, which opened him up to spiritual practice and tantric embodiment.

Whilst working on clients with hands-on bodywork, he started to want to make unusual sounds, unsure of what these were and why it was happening, he continued his practice.

In 2012 Michael made a discovery that would change his life and his work, when he realised there were others working with this form of sound. That sound was a channelled form of frequency from the stars and it’s purpose became clear as he worked and practiced on peers and during group events.

Today, his current work is a natural expansion of the Somatic training; connecting the body and mind with the Soul as well as the multidimensional aspect of self in a grounded and authentic manner. Integrating all 3 into 1 in these times of accelerated energies, demonstrating it no longer requires years of therapy to heal the past.

Michael has had his private practice for the last 10 years in Sydney and is available for private sessions via appointment only.