Soul magic collective

Welcome to the Soul Magic Collective, a community to share and grow.

The Soul Magic Collective has been created to open a doorway to higher realms of consciousness. Accessing the multi-dimensional self to strengthen your source/spiritual connection amongst a likeminded community of those aligned with Light Language, sound and vibration as a gateway to other worlds of experience.

This work is very important in my own Soul’s journey, the Soul Magic Collective has been established as a portal for Souls from all around the world who resonate and can find benefit, comfort and knowledge from listening to and accessing the energy in the words.

I trust that the right people/tribe will find this work in their own divine timing to support their own journey in soul growth and expansion.

The Soul Magic Collective is here to awaken other Light Language Channels to their gifts and support their development; the number of these Channels in our world are rapidly growing. We are not alone and I believe this modality of healing will become more widely recognised in the years to come.

Sound is the language of the Cosmos. The right frequency can break up stagnant energy and alleviate any low-vibrational thought forms.

The Soul Magic Collective is here to offer a home base, a library and a resource of channelled sound healing transmissions for the ascension process, karmic clearing and release of past life limitations.

It is here to support your spiritual growth and expansion, to heal and transcend wounds and limiting beliefs.

The Soul Magic Collective offers guidance and support during spiritual awakenings or emotional crisis. We provide the cellular transference of information, both non cognitive and non-linear.


What is a Lightbody and how is it Activated?  

The Lightbody is the higher aspect of our energy body connecting us with Soul and Source.

The aim of this work is to bring the Soul into the physical embodiment, while quietening the ego mind. Activating your Lightbody enables you to reach expanded states of consciousness and your ability to sense the subtle energies of your Soul will increase.

You will learn ways to bring your soul's consciousness into your personality and daily life as you open the channel between you, your higher self, your Soul, and/or guide/s, as well as developing your clairvoyant sight, psychic and healing abilities.

As your activated Lightbody comes online you will learn how to change less harmonious energies into positive ones and use the energy around you to go higher. You may experience a stronger sense of personal power and a greater ability to control your emotions, stay centered, release old blocks, stuck emotional energy and respond with love and compassion.


Light Language is channelled sound healing from a collective of sources including the Pleiadean Heart Centred Healers, Galactic Federation of Light, Master Thoth, The Atlanteans, Master St Germain, Merlin, Angel Metatron, The Christ Consciousness and other Ascendant Masters and sacred beings. When we open up our ability to communicate with them, these energies are stepped down from pure source creator energy.

Light Language brings through keys and codes from specific astrological alignments (planetary alignments, portal days, eclipses and moon cycles) working on portals and meridians within our individual Lightbody.

When we work on or open these portals the communication is called a transmission; each transmission opens up a portal through which frequencies flow into you, connecting into your DNA, weaving throughout your entire physical and etheric being, bathing you with high vibrational energy from the Cosmos.

One transmission is never the same as another and the energies that come through for you in a session will be targeted specifically for your Lightbody, highest ascension and evolution of your spirit.

You may have an emotional response to the Light Language, often people say it sounds familiar, they have heard it before and it can be the trigger for past life memories. Alternatively you may feel energy tingling or flowing to different locations within your body. Some people will simply perceive the Light Language as a sound bath. The Light Language is working on many layers of your Lightbody and is multidimensional Quantum healing regardless of the direct impact within your session.


Light Language supports an opening to expanded states of consciousness allowing you access with your multidimensional self and your galactic Lightbody template.

It helps clear limiting beliefs and karmic imprints held within the Lightbody from past life trauma as well as reactivating the connection to our starseed origins and soul gifts, especially our healing abilities from previous Galactic past lives.

DNA Activation

DNA Activation is shifting the information within the cellular consciousness of the body and the activation of the Fifth Dimension as well as beyond cellular consciousness.

As we work with DNA Activation, we are actually sparking new synapses with the brain to support innate healing potential while opening up our neural pathways for higher realm connection.

Why is this important?

Corrupted DNA sequences and neural pathways will be deleted, which is finally releasing you from the Third Dimension matrix of fear-based living.

This can also aid the following:

  •     Clearing of limiting beliefs held within the
        genetics from your Mother/Father Line
  •     Chakra clearing and alignment
  •     Access the New Human Template
  •     Clarity for Soul Path and Soul purpose
  •     Anchor your Lightbody within the Fifth


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