2019 66 Portal Group

1 video file - 17 minutes running time - recorded in Sydney at the 66 Portal Group.

This video contains a multidimensional “galactivation” with Green Tara.
It assists:
- with connection to your Starseed origins
- with conscious remembering of your Soul gifts
- the switching off of old 3D programming patterns
- permanent deletion of addictive pathways in the brain
- with accessing the Cosmic Mind and Galactic heart
- with turning on Gaia Guardian protocols.

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2019 Surrender

9 files - 72 minutes running time

Soul Magic Surrender is a deeply releasing series of transmissions and opening of the heart, throat and sacral chakras clearing old energies of abuse, burden and fear.

This series aims to:

  • Reconnect with your original divine blueprint light body,

  • Return soul fragments from galactic multidimensional timelines,

  • Connect with the Buddhist lineage - White Tara, Golden Tara and Vajrapani,

  • Promote cellular regeneration of the brain with Thoth,

  • Expand Divine Feminine heart with Quan Yin.

Complete with Pleiadian portal opening activation and meditation at Machu Picchu, Peru, linking the Earth gridlines with the Lemurian temple anchored during the Scorpio Full Moon session.  A powerful transmission of the peace vibration calming a worried mind and calming an overwhelmed nervous system anchoring you in the present moment.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Meditation (track 9) daily, combined with one of the other tracks (1 to 8) for 8 days, then as guided. 

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2019 Healing the Motherline
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2019 Keys to Abundance
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2019 The Masculine Heart
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2019 New Year Transmission
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Chakra Alignment
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