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SPECIAL EVENT: Solar Eclipse Group Activation

  • Crows Nest Community Centre 2 Ernest Street Crows Nest, NSW, 2065 Australia (map)

During this Solar Eclipse we are set to deep dive into our subconscious aspects once again . This super charged new moon invites us to go on a journey of forced healing (in alignment with Chiron) letting go of limited patterns and giving us the opportunity RESET aligning our intentions for the next 6 months.

Squared with Asteroid Pallas Athena we may gain access to expanded Soul Wisdom. Clarity and new direction with respect to Soul Mission.

The energy may be fiery (Mars enters Uranus) in the lead up and post this eclipse so be alert of triggers and utilise this fire to burn away transforming old arising like the phoenix.

I am offering a Solar Eclipse Group Activation to support you to align with this transformational energy and activate your solar codes. We will ground and centre our bodies and energy with somatic bodywork exercises then I will bring thru keys and codes in the form of light language, connecting directly with the solar eclipse energy. (Light Language is a form of sound healing channeled from multiple sources supporting activation of dormant DNA allowing you to access more of your authentic self and connect with your Soul Purpose)

The aim of the evening is to calm and clear your energy and nervous system allowing you to absorb the maximum benefit from this astrological event. We will work with releasing the old, karmic clearing, transforming fears, connecting with the Earth’s grid for grounding support thereby creating more space for the new energies to weave their magic!