2019 Healing the Motherline


2019 Healing the Motherline


10 files - 59 minutes running time

Soul Magic Healing the Motherline contains bursts of channeled energies with light language and meditations, working with White Tara, AA Metraron, Mary Magdalene and the Christ Consciousness to support energetic clearing of limiting beliefs and toxic emotions held in the body passed down the Motherline energetics..

Themes included

  • release of fear, resentment, anger and violation towards the feminine

  • ppening the the heart, solar plexus, sacral and ear conscious to right perception

  • balancing masculine and feminine polarity within the brain

  • healing original Mother, Father, Source split

  • guilded meditation with The violet flame clearing the Motherline, gifting energy to Mother Gaia.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Listen to all in one sitting and then as guided.

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