2019 The Masculine Heart


2019 The Masculine Heart


7 files - 48 minutes running time

Soul Magic The Masculine Heart contains bursts of channeled energies with light language and meditations, to promote awakening of divine masculine consciousness within men and women alike.

Themes included

  • working with owning the totality of your masculine. Working with the divine warrior energy the bringer or swift and fierce wrathful compassion in action. 

  • allowing for vulnerability of the masculine heart gone underground due to patriarchal system of suppression. 

  • Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine reunion within both aspects of self working together rather than inner conflicted and separation within the bio-field.

  • Light language activations for heart, high heart and chest breast plate. Releasing armouring and protection.

  • Christ Timeline Meditation in Egypt connecting and purging off old heart energies in the  lightbody template from the Christ Timeline, Cathar and Essenes.

  • Druid Meditation in Glastonbury the heart chakra of Gaia connecting with the violet alchemy clearing energy of the Merlin Lineage.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: A different burst each morning for a week, and then as guided.

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